try a chapter // July 2017

23347055 ive read it and watched the movie alongside within a day. it was that good 5/5.

902827 its about a descendants of an irish? clan in america where the police chief is the clan chief in on person its like tradition and stuff and now his cousin traveled there and killed his wife in the town because he thought he would get different jurisdiction just because his cousin is the police chief and because he killed his wife because she was suffering of bone cancer. but the thing is that the wife didnt leave behind a statement that she wanted her husband to do it even if he says so and so the chief is conflicted ( im on page 42/449 so thats all i know but im currently reading it)

10883759 its about an old woman who can see ghosts and could see them all of her life? and she hangs out in graveyard and talks to the dead and stuff… ( this will be my next read because the font is big and its not that long

16127181its a memoir of a girl who has been used at the age of 13 by her older friends who forced her into prostitution. im on page 20 but it didnt grasp my attention at all and it just felt flat like a whiny teen who tried to justify and blame others for her shitty decisions.


hungarian edition : 18773165

this was such a fucking clickbait. i picked it up along with famous fairy tales like the arabian nights and the 2 lotte and the secret garden and this is just a story of a teacher who became a hotshot skiing Olympian champion.


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