currently reading 18.07.2017

physical books:

895942 I just finished the first book in the dexter series and im hunting down the rest of them 4/5

#bookstagram #currentlyreading#dostoevsky #idiot dostojevski – the idiot

i just started it and im really intrigued but its a really hard read so ill just take it slowly.

#bookstagram #currentlyreading #hungarian #classics

The Baron’s Sons; A Romance of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 (Jókai Mór válogatott művei #9)

it was a mandatory read in 8th grade but being a badly influenced youth i didnt read it or at least i dont remember alot from it.
#bookstagram #currentlyreading #stephenking I have listened to an audiobook version of it and ive read 9/22 short stories so far and i have liked 5 which is a pretty good amount i think. im really intimidated by ‘the mist’ in it  because its 181 pages in itself and 5:14 h:m long in the audiobook. they are dense stories and some of them has 2-3 parts so i have to devide them and choose according to the time im spending in the garden.
Perfect World (ARUGA Rie)

Perfect World (ARUGA Rie) 

its a romance of a high school reunited couple who were hanging out because they had a really good tone that they hit off. as adults the guy works as an architect and the girl giving up her dream of being an illustrator went to work in the same field as the guy meeting him again and discovering that he had an accident and now he is bound to a wheelchair.

only one chapter is translated but i loved how real it is and how it portrays the real stuff (like how people like that develop bedsores and such…) so if you are a diversity junky this is for you.

Motoyan Papa to Hitsuji-sensei  my thing is nowadays the fluffy lbgt parent mangas… dont judge. its about high school friends who reunite when Hitsuji meets his students dad who has trouble raising the boy alone after a divorce.





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