#scallywagathon tbr pile

readathon dates november 5 – 11


Displaying scallywagathon.jpg

ill have to open up the devils door. a.k.a. my kindle to see if i have anything.

  1. mermaid in it: 36293234
  2. villian i wanna meet: 3950967
  3. has a boat on cover: 29778349
  4. involves death: ill cheat here a bit because i already started it but i cant think of any other so :34879754
  5. blue on the cover:23196910
  6. skull on the cover: 6599765
  7. new release youve had your eye on: 29548209
  8. overhyped book: 27213208
  9. from your owned tbr pile: 19010330
  10. read in a day: 

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