books i wanna get to in 2018

from my TBR Jar:

alberto moravia : a woman and her daughter

alberto moravia: short novels

a.j. cronin : grand canary

szilvasi lajos : leap year

john pritchard : angels of mourning

zilahy Lajos: 2 prisoners

hong Ying: K- the art of love

Heinrich Böll: doctor Murke’s collected listenings

fekete istván : Kele

Wolfdietrich schnurre: i was born 4 times

Sakyo komatsu : the dragons death 1+2


my 12 hungarian author around the year challenge:

szabo magda: fresko

kürti lászló: in being late

gáll istván: the stallions master

Kertész Erzsébet: Teleki Blanka

Fekete István: the mist

Majtényi Mihály : Garabonciás / the marriage of Bige Jóska

Debreczeni József: manmeat

Jokai mór: the soul tamer

szilvási lajos : the pallets decorated with pillows

Kodolányi János : brother Julianus

ambrus zoltán : king Midas

Fejes endre: – the rust graveyard

-the liar

-good evening summer, good evening love

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