27 years old Serbia located reader, I enjoy writing reviews and promoting books that I deem worthy. I’m owned by 3 cats and I am a book hoarder.

This blog is developed with the idea of me going back to my very first purchase of a book and starting to read them since they are starting to become an overwhelming amount.

As I read I’ll post review of the books in the variety of old and new releases, Hungarian and foreigner well known authors, from the range of middle grade to adult books.

I’ll try my best to give the warnings to everything that has a sensitive content and I will attach my quotes that I post while reading on my Tumblr account.

Everyone can follow my reading process on my Goodreads or via Twitter, and the uploaded reviews will be seen as crossposted to those accounts.

I will post in the topics of new releases in my own country, about bookstores, libraries and their content. I will be/ I am part-taking in ReadAThons and I will always post my honest opinion about anything I tend to share.

I accept ARC’s in both physical and E-book format, however, I tend to reach first to those I have in physical form, unless there’s a deadline, such as the books actual releasing date for the e-copy.

I will be posting monthly and weekly wrap ups, and TBR piles for each month.

I will be reviewing Manga in bundled post since some tend to have lengthy number of volumes.

For any kind of contact please reach me on my e-mail or my twitter.