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get the synopsis and follow my reading process on Goodreads


get the synopsis and follow my reading process on Goodreads


(on page 164/195)

A Government Housing Loan Corporation’s salary man, Taura, after a mental breakdown switched to the rehabilitation department of his company, gets injured and hospitalized. While resting he encounters a train wreck nearby and due to overflowing patients in short notice he is rolled into a small room sharing it with another woman. That night the they talk and since there’s a separating cloth between them the woman initializes to talk out an affair between them, and since the woman is bedridden but her voice sounds young, or at least near Taura’s own age he obliges and after the nights shared passion, the curtain is pulled and he seed a 67 year old woman bashfully turning away from him. He is switched rooms again and they loose contact after.

However the woman searches for him and finds his company phone and location calling him out. he avoids meeting her again like wildfire but stops dead in his tracks when the woman who has the same voice as in the hospital follows him, but has the face and body of a 40 year old woman.

She explains her body is changing over and over again within time repainting her younger features. They start an affair, which grows into more than just an affair, making Taura loose all sense of his own reality…

get the synopsis and follow my reading process on my goodreads page


follow my reading process on goodreads and see the synopsis 


This manga follows Shouyo Hinata, a first year high school student who is an aspiring volleyball player. He starts from nothing without people to play with, has a disadvantage in height for which he makes up with his incredible jumping ability. Together with Kageyama Tobio their generations most feared setter they make a killer duo pulling together the falling apart members of the Karasuno volleyball team and take them to win the national tournament.

ch.240 read it online on mangapark


ch.4 updated on mangapark highly NSFW +18 content (read it from the beginning to understand the story-line.

Yuriy, the heir to a giant designer shoe manufacturer, and their designer, Adam’s heart-wrenching love story, blooming even though the dirt and shameful acts the biggest fashion statement’s posterboy has to go though to keep his mothers inheritance afloat.


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